It’s almost summertime, which means it’s time to take the party outside and enjoy the beautiful weather! That means it’s the perfect time of year to add the Plant-A-Bar to your backyard set-up. This new bar design is ideal for all outdoor entertaining, especially for summer BBQ’s!

It has space for seating four people comfortably, and has the look for the perfect outdoor garden with plenty of room for herbs and veggies. That’s right! You’re now able to pick your cocktail garnishes like mint or cilantro straight from the plant and drop them into your drinks without leaving your stool. The planting area also has enough space for vegetables like tomatoes. So cool!

The Plant-A-Bar is made of cedar crafted butcher-block using reclaimed wood, and also has rustproof aluminum for the corners and trim. There’s no need to worry about protecting it from the outdoor elements because it’s made to withstand almost anything. The bar shelf folds down when it’s not in use, for some added space.

Make sure to add Mojitos, Rosemary Gimlets, and Cilantro Margaritas to your new drink menu because you’ll have all the garnishes on-hand with this awesome new outdoor bar. Plant-A-Bar runs 8′ end-to-end and 39″ deep for planting. It even has a fold-out bar shelf that holds drinks and snacks.

It has a 9-3/4″ planting depth and 329-quart potting mix capacity. If herbs and vegetables aren’t your thing, it’s still a cool place for an outdoor garden. You can plant some flowers or maybe your favorite outdoor greenery. The Plant-A-Bar is a great use of space because of its multi-functionality. It’s also super-durable and will withstand the heat of the summer.

Pour yourself a drink and invite your crew over to check out your new bar. What woman doesn’t love a man that can make a mean cocktail and grow his own garnishes?

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