Most men don’t spend nearly enough time trying to pick out a nice wallet. Essentially, it’s a small square you fill to the brim with cash, cards, and condoms. Right? Remember gentlemen, women will be judging that bulge in your pants.

But seriously, your wallet can say a lot about you. If you’re still sporting velcro, it wouldn’t be surprising to find out you also wear light-up shoes. Don’t be embarrassed if you’re spotted at the mall picking out a new wallet. I promise, that cute girl will be impressed.

When thinking about that little square you will carry around in your back pocket, here are five of the best choices!

Polo Ralph Lauren Bifold

The classic go-to for any guy is the bi-fold. Even more definitive of a man’s wallet is the lambskin with the Horseman logo. Need we say more? Classy! It may not stand out quite like the others on this list, but you absolutely cannot go wrong by topping off your look with Ralph.

Rawlings Bifold

The next bifold on our list is much more unique. This is designed for baseball lovers, the beautiful tan leather mixed with the red baseball-esque stitching makes for a one-of-a-kind look. Add the money clip inside and you’re already rolling like a sportsman.

Filson Card Case

Have you ever heard the expression, “A little bit goes a long way”? This may not be the flashiest choice you’ve seen, but sometimes simplicity gets the job done. Made of 100% English leather and hand-stitched, those who don’t carry much cash on them will be getting the perfect wallet out of this one.

Bellroy Elements Travel Wallet

If you are in need of some serious space in your wallet to fit your bills, cards, passport, and phone, this is the best one on the market. It may not be the best go-to for your everyday life, but it’s perfect for any type of travel – whether by plane, train, or automobile.

Gucci Money Clip

Come on, I don’t really have to say much else. Just one look at the sleekness of this one and it’s clear why it’s on this list. Every time you pull it out (no pun intended) you’re going to look like a baller – and rightfully so.

Now hit the mall and get yourself a brand new money case. Grab a pretzel on your way out.

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