If there was one thing gamblers wish they could do, it would be controlling whether they win or lose each game. Can a gambler really control whether he wins or loses? Of course not, that’s why casinos are still in business.

Sadly, gambling comes down to luck with a sprinkle of skill and wit thrown in there. But, even though a gambler can’t control if a blackjack dealer busts them or deals them a perfect 21, many gamblers are surviving with superstitions.

Just because mind control isn’t a thing (yet), doesn’t mean a gambler can think he’s going to win or lose. Whether it’s believing that garlic protects you from vampires, or that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, everyone believes in some sort of superstition.

Check out five of the most common gambling superstitions:

Lucky Charms

We all know the superstition that a rabbit’s foot brings good luck, right? While it may seem cliché, many gamblers still bank on that superstition and believe that’s why they won that hand in the poker game. Apparently, that lucky rabbit’s foot isn’t “lucky” unless it’s one of the hind legs of the rabbit and has to be captured or shot in a cemetery. Weird, right?
But, if you think that’s weird, there’s a woman who actually travels with her deceased gambling partner’s ashes because she believes her partner still brings her good luck. Now that’s just creepy.


During the hockey playoffs, you may see the players go on a no-shaving stint, or hear of them wearing the same pair of lucky socks. In 2005, a poker player named Steve Dannenmann, took second place in the main event of the World Series of Poker and credits the win to wearing the same shirt and visor for the entire seven-day event. Not to mention he took home $4.2 million for coming in second. Okay, maybe that worked…

Lady Luck

We’ve seen it before, that craps player with the attractive woman who blow’s on his dice for good luck. It’s a common superstition, and is still being used on the casino floor today. But, just be sure to never have sex in China before you gamble, as it’s viewed as bad luck in their culture. Damn, how could that be BAD luck?


There are many rituals that gamblers like to use that give them the illusion of control when playing their respected game. Scholars like to call such rituals “external” superstitions, which comes from gamblers thinking they have control…but they don’t. No, it doesn’t matter how hard or soft you hit that button, just push it.

$50 Bills

As strange as it may sound, many gamblers cringe at the sight of a $50 bill in a casino. In fact, some casinos don’t pass them out. Legend has it that when the mobsters finished with their victims, they would stuff a $50 in the victims’ jacket pocket. This is probably where the unlucky reputation came from… I mean, these people were buried in the desert, so I guess that makes sense?

Whether your trick is doing a little twirl around the roulette table, or having a dancer blow on your dice, may the odds ever be in your favor!

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