Let’s be real, casino games are designed to take money away from you. No matter which way you “turn the tables,” losing is just a part of the game! Luck is the real deciding factor whether you walk away a winner or a loser.

Of course, there are always strategies to follow, which give the player a 1% advantage on the house.

Baccarat is not a typical casino game, as it’s simple to play. Wagering options are limited and stacking the deck in your favor is damn near impossible. Simply put, you place the bet and you win by luck of the draw.

Take a look at some basic tips you can follow when playing Baccarat!

Track Your Cap

Since it is baseball season, salary caps are once again an everyday term you’ll hear. Beware when you play, once you think you’ve got a jump on the game you’ll end up going into the red setting yourself up for a big fall.
For example, you walk into the casino with $500 looking to cake up Baccarat, your best bet is to play a little at a time. Remember that 1% advantage? For Baccarat, expect 50 coups and if you set $10 per coup, at best you stand to lose $5 an hour. In doing so you’ll only lose about $10. Add in a few drinks and you’re looking at hours of cheap fun.

Don’t Play to Tie

Easiest way to lose in this game is chasing the 8 to 1 payout offered in the tie. Some smart guys already did the math and the probability of it happening is approximately 9%. That counts for the player losing 9 out of 10 tie bets. Don’t be caught looking like a fool.

Trust the Banker

Players new to the game see the 5% commission to side with the banker as a sucker bet. Here is why it’ll pay:
Let’s pretend you wager 100 credits and 5% is commission for the banker. That bet means you win .95 credits for every bet. The banker’s side wins at least 50.6% of the time! You take into account 0.95 (credits per wager) by 50.68 (winning odds) and you’ve tipped the winning scales to 48.15%. The chance of losing on a banker bet is 49.32% which will give the house a 1.1% favor.
The 5% commission bet isn’t a sucker bet, it protects the casino’s 1% projected profit.

Play Small

If you find a small shoe Baccarat game (only 6 decks) play it. There are also small online shoe games which require just a 4% commission to the banker on a winning bet. These two stipulations shrink the house advantage to .5% on banker bets. This is clearly one of the best bets to be made in the house.

Don’t Be Greedy

Establish a winning goal to walk away at. Set a losing limit where you’ll drop everything and call it quits. As we’ve established, casino games are designed to take your money, so walk away at your winning goal with your head high proud of your accomplishments.

Play for the Fun of It

Gambling is entertainment. It’s fun to take a shot at winning money, that’s why people do it. Remember dealers, casino staff, other players are just like you, working long odd hours for the man. Tipping is not a city in China. Play long enough and you’ll see the perks in free drinks, free food and new friends. Even if you lose money the important thing is escaping to a place of wonder and joy, making life all the worthwhile again.

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