In early April, Amazon announced an expansion of brands on an existing product that had everyone thinking it must be an April fool’s joke. Nope, not a gag! Behold, the Dash Button lives!

What are Dash Buttons? Well, they are branded buttons that allow you to place an order of some of your most commonly purchased items while literally pressing an actual button in your home. Then, two days later, your item arrives. Some of the Dash Button brands include Charmin, Doritos, Tide, etc.

Okay, toilet paper and chips sound like useful buttons, but the most useful of all…condoms! That’s right, you can plan your date on Wednesday and after you hang up the phone, press your Trojan Dash Button. Then, when your date rolls around on Friday, you’ll already have a full supply of rubbers handy.

You always want to play it safe and be fully-stocked in that department because you never know how the night may go! Anytime you’re running low, you just push that button! You can pat yourself on the back knowing you’re living in the future, and thinking ahead…for once!

Another cool feature of the Dash Button is you can attach it to whatever surface you want. For instance, your condom button can go inside your medicine cabinet, or better yet, your bedside table where you already keep your condoms. Genius!

You never want to be left hanging with no protection, so Amazon is making your life that much easier. Since the buttons are Wi-Fi connected, they’re ready to be pressed at any time and the order goes right into your Amazon cart. Then, you get an alert letting you know the details of your order, so if you change your mind you’re able to cancel. AMAZING!

Pretty soon, we won’t even have to leave the house for what we need. I wonder if there is a Dash Button for a woman that will come clean your house, cook for you, AND bring her own condoms. Priorities, my friends.

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